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The 10 core exercises are all designed to make players as comfortable as possible with the ball. They are a mixture of ball coordination exercises and simple moves to beat players.


The 10 Cores skills are your player’s framework for all future moves. We have observed movements children require in game situations, sucked them out of the game allowing the children to practise these movements in an individual setting with no pressure being applied. Once the moves have been practised individually and the children are placed back into game situations they will have familiarity and confidence as to what to do with the ball.

Pele Sprint

This is really just jogging on the ball on the spot with the soles of the feet, the child can start by stepping gently on the ball with one foot and then the other before gradually increasing the pace and tempo of their movements.

Zico Side-Sprint

The instep of both feet is used to knock the ball from side to side on the spot. This can be learnt at a very slow pace as children get to grips with the movement.

The Adriano

The ball is dragged back towards the body with the sole of the foot behind the standing leg, it is then pushed across behind the standing leg with the instep before being caught the sole of the previously standing leg and dragged back to the starting position. This is very good at developing coordination, but at the beginning should be broken down into 3 parts so children can learn the move effectively.

Romario One

The ball is dragged back with the sole of one foot before being pushed forward with the laced area of the same foot. This movement is repeated on the same foot.

Romario Two

As the Romario One but once it has been carried out with one foot the same move is then carried out with the second foot before continuing to alternate feet.

Ronaldinho Elastic One

Using one foot only the ball is rolled away from the body with the sole of the foot before being brought back quickly with the instep. The sole of the other foot then stops the ball and the move is performed again with the same foot.

Ronaldinho Elastic Two

As above but once the move has been performed by one foot it is then carried out immediately by the second foot before continuing to alternate feet.

Robinho StepOver

A figure of eight is made around the ball with the legs by swinging one leg around the ball quickly before then swinging the second leg around the ball.

The Kaka Pivot

Using the back leg to hop as a pivot the front foot taps the ball with the outside and then the inside of the foot quickly.

The Ronaldo

The ball is dragged across the body with the sole of the foot, the second foot then steps around and over the ball. The second foot then drags the ball back towards the body into another Ronaldo move. This exercise must be completed whilst tracking forwards.

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